Rich, dense weaves of wool, silk and other natural materials become genuine masterpieces
of craftsmanship and creativity. Natuzzi Italia carpets complement the decor of any space
in the living area or the bedroom.


Globes 1

Apparently overlapping forms and surfaces create an interplay of imaginary shadows. Globes, the expressionist rug.

Vortex 1

An optical effect brings to mind the shimmering surface of the sea. 

Silence 1

An elaborate carving work on the tufted rug that tells the technical and manual knowledge of an always unique artifact like the rug.

Calcada 1

Superlative workmanship that is reminiscent of ancient floors - paved surfaces and mosaics. The Calcada rug.

New Decò 1

Twenties’-style patterning and designs on exquisite terracotta-hued inserts. The gorgeous geometrical shapes on the New Decò rug.

Luce 1

Mediterranean sunshine and its reflection on a windowpane. The refined geometric pattern of the Luce rug.

Sophia B 2

The collection of solid rugs in Tencel® Sophia B develops its shine on a few millimeters lower height of the soft hand-woven pile for a fresh and slightly shaded result.


Internationally renowned designer Marcel Wanders designed the Olea rug with a strong personality, offering a graphic interpretation of Puglia’s characteristic natural elements: the sea and olive trees.


The designer Mauro Lipparini pays homage to the Berber tradition of hand-knotting, with the addition of subtle graphic signs which confer intimacy and delicateness on this collection.


A classic yet contemporary rug, with extraordinary aesthetic and functional characteristics.


A story of geometric convergences on the surface of a hand woven rug.


The technique of pleating from the world of fashion inspired this collection of unique rugs.


The past meets the future.


This refined carpet is made according to the traditional Tibetan hand-weaving technique from 100% bamboo silk, which ensures greater strength, flexibility and ease of handling.


Affresco is a wonderfully hand-woven carpet.

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