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Re-Thinking Re-vive: New Icons for New York


A celebration of Art and Design by Natuzzi Italia on Exhibition During NYCxDesign



Tuesday, May 23 at 63 Greene Street, NY from 9:00AM to 6:00PM



Re-thinking Re-vive: New Icons for New York is a celebration that merges art and design produced by Natuzzi Italia and presented May 22 - 23, during NYCxDesign in collaboration with Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS (DIFFA).

The Re-vive armchair – icon of the Natuzzi Italia brand and the first and only recliner in the world to be able to adapt to the body and react to its slightest movements – is presented through original reinterpretations by three New York artists: Ed Granger, Jon Burgerman and Hektad. Each artist has been challenged to take the design object of a Re-vive chair and transform into an abstract work of art to reflect the broadening horizons of design inspiration.


The Natuzzi Italia Re-Thinking Re-Vive exhibition, developed in association with DIFFA, hosts an exclusive cocktail on Monday, May 22 from 6:00PM to 9:00PM during which artists will engage in live, interactive performances.


The exhibition is open to the public on Tuesday, May 23 at 63 Greene Street, NY from 9:00AM to 6:00PM, during which guests have the opportunity to immerse themselves into the geometries, animations and colors of the captivating art experience.



Ed Granger is a multi-media, multidisciplinary Brooklyn-based artist born in South Louisiana. Granger’s Natuzzi Italia Re-vive chair design was inspired by two paintings he has in his studio, titled Mystify the Mind 1&2.  The merging the two inspiration pieces created a cohesive composition reminiscent of the Windows '95 screensaver titled "'mystify". Granger traced the lines and the movement of the screensaver and made a series of 2-D analog paintings.

Hektad is a New York City graffiti pioneer, known for his whimsical “Love Drunk” hearts and humerous anecdotes on New York’s streets and transit system. Hektad’s Natuzzi Italia Re-vive chair design is inspired by love. He puts love into all of his work. He chooses love and gives love to the people on the streets of New York through his artistry.

Jon Burgerman is an award-winning, NYC-based artist instigating improvisation and play through drawing and spectacle. He is a purveyor of doodles and is often credited and referenced as the leading figure in the popular ‘Doodle” art style. Burgerman Natuzzi Italia Re-vive chair is designed as a place to sit and dream in, to bathe in the colours of a lazy weekend sunset, to read magical books and listen to moonshine music in. Its a chair to sit and think, snack and drink, scribble and snooze, a chair to float away in.



Natuzzi Re-vive is the only armchair in the world that adapts to any seating position, without the need for levers or other mechanisms, fully supporting the body and reacting intuitively to its movements, ensuring unprecedented levels of comfort.


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