Natuzzi launches its first Augmented Store

A new retail space where virtual and augmented reality, holographic displays and advanced 3D interior design configurators live together

New York. Natuzzi innovates its customer experience and launches today in New York the first Augmented Store: a new retail space with a novel combination of technological  solutions  like  Virtual and Augmented Reality,  Holographic  display,  advanced  3D  modelling  and interactive product  configurator live together in the store to offer  an engaging and exciting shopping experience.


This project is born together with Microsoft and Hevolus Innovation, with which has been designed an innovative customer journey able to increase purchase orders conversion rate, reducing purchasing time and exhibitions fixed costs.


Thanks to Mixed Reality, the company can show the full range of its products without the need for large exhibition areas. With Microsoft HoloLens 2 the consumer can see the holograms of the products as miniatures, placed on a horizontal surface, and walk around them to appreciate every detail.


On the other hand, while using an immersive headset, the consumer can immerse himself in the company's virtual showroom, a digital exhibition space in 1:1 scale, where he can view all the products as if they were real and interact with them by changing colors and finishes.


The Augmented Store platform also supports the phases of configuration and visualization of custom projects. The customer can create together with the retailer his/her own project and then visualise it in two ways: - with HoloProject: miniature, in interactive holographic version, - with Mixed Reality Project: full-scale, in an immersive virtual version.


The store of the future was successful tested last weeks in London and New York, store managers and sales consultants’ feedbacks are enthusiastic: the new Natuzzi revolution has started!

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