Natuzzi Italia bring light and style to any room. The collection includes
ceiling, table and floor lamps designed to fit any decor.


Gong Mini 4

An aesthetic loaded with Eastern promise. Mirrored surfaces and transparency for a stunning light-catching effect. The Gong mini light.


Dami is a lamp, which takes inspiration from the shape of glass demijohns traditionally used in Apulia for the fermentation of wine.


Simplicity and linearity enclosed in a metal cylinder. Once switched on, the light becomes the undisputed centrepiece of the room. A perfect combination of craftsmanship, details and the latest technology.


A rustic-inspired chandelier that reinterprets the old ceiling candlesticks in a contemporary style. With its distinctly retro look, Wheel can furnish and lend character to your room on its own.

Ding Dong

Nature comes to life in this collection of lamps, which takes inspiration from the delicate Campanula flower, entirely covered in fine Natuzzi leather.


Two free reflectors rotate around the light source, like two planets orbiting the sun: with Galileo, you can direct the light, adjusting its intensity and creating evocative light and shadow effects in a room.


Collection of lamps made of polished and painted metal.


Collection of lamps made of polished and painted metal.


A tribute to the sword used in Kendo, a modern Japanese martial art, in which the warmth of wood and the brightness of metal create a unique and original contrasting effect.


The Vico lamp is a genuine luminous sculpture with a strong visual impact. 

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