Dining Chairs

An object of daily use turns into a fine complement to your home decor: this is the philosophy
behind Natuzzi Italia's chair collection, designed with the utmost care for detail.


Clio Bench 2

A sensual line and excellent comfort.


Dining chair made of leather to enhance its shape and perfect comfort.


With a decisive and contemporary look, the Valle chair is characterised by a cosy back and lines which exude original design.


With its decisive and elegant design, the stool Shield offers cosy, generously sized seating.


An unmistakable style which uses a modern and contemporary language and impresses with its original taste and exquisite details, designed with originality and sophistication.


The solid-wood moore dining chair is designed to complement the maritime-inspired contemporary deck table, which evokes the landscape, architecture and lifestyle of Apulia.


Simple and versatile with regal elegance.

Mama 6

This soft dining chair features a floral-inspired design that evokes the outline of petal.

Vesta 55

Featuring a solid ash wood frame, the Vesta chair combines simplicity and elegance. 


Square shaped chair with a contemporary impact. Sigma features a metal frame padded on the backrest and seat, which it superior comfort.


Explore the forms of nature and find out how they can be used in design. A new dining chair with an enveloping design that evokes the shape of a flower, Rose uniquely combines tradition and innovation through style and elegance.

Pi Greco 56

Fully upholstered in leather or fabric, the Pi Greco chair features a durable metal frame for the legs and backrest, and unique padded seats.

Lisa 78

The outstanding design of the Lisa chair expresses perfection and balance between strength and lightness.


The outstanding craftsmanship of the Hedi chair is a blend of history, tradition and artisan skill.


With its visual softness and comfort, the Ambra chair is a constant invitation to have a seat.

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