Care and Maintenance

The strength of our sofas is ensured by a wooden structure designed to withstand the different types of stress they undergo during their service life. The materials used are selected both at the time of purchase and when they are introduced into the production cycle, and repeatedly
tested in our laboratory in order to measure their performance in all climate conditions and over time.

The wood used for the construction of frames does not originate from natural virgin forests, national parks, nature reserves or protected areas,
and meets the strictest international standards on chemical contents.

The frame is designed and engineered by our technicians using computerized tools and is sawn by CNC machines.
Before being put into production, each new model is further tested in the laboratory in compliance with the main international standards.
On the frame are mounted high-strength elastic belts patented for furniture; along with the filling, these help provide the highest level of comfort.

Our products will remain intact and protected over time, if you follow some simple maintenance guidelines provided in the manual.
In our stores, you can also find the appropriate cleaning kit for your products. Different types are available, specific to each sofa cover,
to ensure perfect results every time.

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